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Don’t wait for your roof to leak before you get a new one! A new roof protects your investment increasing the life of your home and the valuables within it. A new roof is preventative maintenance by stopping minor issues from becoming real problems.

Warning signs that show a new roof is needed:

- The corners of your shingles begin to curl
- The roof has a flat or wavy appearance
- Missing or broken shingles
- Particles of shingles in and around your bushes, grass, flower beds, gutters, or sidewalks
- Rotting or blistering siding which can indicate lack of roof ventilation
- The roof is aged or at the end of its life cycle

We have a 3-Tab roof and I have noticed that the edges of the shingles are starting to curl up. What causes this to occur and what do I need to do to stop the curling?
Asphalt /fiberglass 3-Tab shingles are covered with granules that protect the asphalt in the shingle from ultra violet (UV) rays. The UV rays will dry out the asphalt quickly and cause the shingle to curl up. When the curling starts to happen your shingles have no more years of protection left in them. A new roof should be installed as soon as possible to prevent damage to the roof boards and the inside of your home. Installing a new roof will provide vital protection for your home as well as increase the market value and curb appeal.

We had a large hail storm, but I am not having any problems. Why do I need to replace my roof?
The hail took off granules from your shingles. The granules are the shingles protection from the ultra violet (UV) rays. The asphalt will breakdown if the granules are gone. The breakdown of the asphalt causes curling or puffing of the shingles, which will lead to water getting into your home. A hail damaged roof needs to be replaced. Donahue Roofing Co. can inspect your roof to assess the damage from hail strikes. Your roof is the cover that protects your home and hail can compromise that protection, so have it inspected.

What is a Laminated shingle?
A laminated shingle refers to a shingle that has two layers of fiberglass - reinforced asphalt laminated with a fiberglass base into a single unit. This single unit construction effectively seals out rain, sleet, snow, ice and wind without curling, rotting, warping, or losing tabs. The lamination process doubles the layers of the shingle, giving your home’s roof a thicker, more high-profile look than any ordinary shingle can. Other names for laminated shingles are dimensional shingles and architectural shingles. Heavy weight laminated shingles are a great replacement option for cedar shake roofs. Laminated shingles are U.L. Wind Resistant and Class “A” fire-rated. The impressive high definition look enhances your home’s appearance and value.

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